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Race and Racism in the US and in Latin America

Date: 1:00 PM Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Join Professor Esther Hernández-Medina and Wilfrido Batista (Pitzer '21) in examining similarities and differences between race and racism in Latin America and the United States by building upon José Itzigsohn and Karida Brown's understanding of DuBois's Global Color Line and Howard Winant's comparison of race and racism in Brazil, South Africa, and the US.

Sponsored by: The Intercollegiate Department of Chicana/o Latina/o Studies (IDCLS), Suyapa Portillo FIR @ Pitzer and Latin American Studies Program, Pomona College, The People's Pitzer

Unforgetting with Roberto Lovato

Date: 11:00 AM Thursday, October 15, 2020

Recorded Parts:

11:00 am - Noon: On US Politics and the Central American Diaspora (Professor Arely Zimmerman, Pomona College Class) Link to  Recording

12:45 - 1:45 pm: On Central America Historical Memory, Solidarity and Transnational organizing (Professor Suyapa Portillo Villeda, Pitzer College Class) Link to  Recording

2:30 - 3:30 pm: On Central American Migration and Building Sanctuary and Solidarity (Professor Gilda Ochoa, Pomona College Class) Link to Recording

Roberto Lovato was born in San Francisco to Salvadoran immigrants who raised him in the City by the Bay’s historic Mission District, home to the highest concentration of murals of any neighborhood in the world—and the reason his aesthetic is California urban not “tropical.”
Lovato is an educator, journalist and writer based at The Writers Grotto. He’s also the author of Unforgetting: A Memoir of Family, Migration, Gangs and Revolution in the Americas (Harper Collins). A recipient of a reporting grant from the Pulitzer Center, Lovato has reported on the drug war, violence, terrorism in Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, France and the United States.

Thank you to our sponsors:
Pomona College Wig Teaching Innovation Grant; Teaching and Learning Committee at Pitzer College, Intercollegiate Department of Chicanx Latinx Studies; Chicano/a Latino/a Transnational Studies Field Group; Prof. Gilda Ochoa, Prof Arely Zimmerman and Prof. Suyapa Portillo

Bright yellow flyer titled "Rebeldita The Fearless in Ogreland: A book talk with Dr. Oriel Maria Siu"Rebeldita the Fearless in Ogreland": A Book Talk with Dr. Oriel Maria Siu

Thursday, April 22nd,  2021 @ 12:45pm PST via Zoom

Link to  Recording (Coming Soon)

CHLT 85 & Faculty in Residence invite you to a book talk with Oriel María Siu.Oriel María Siu is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Dr. Siu holds a master’s in Latin American Literatures from UC Berkeley, and a doctoral degree in Cultural Studies from the University of California Los Angeles.

In this talk, Dr. Siu will do a brief reading of her new book "Rebeldita the Fearless in Ogreland" and will discuss topics such as story-telling as empowerment and writing as a Decolonial Act of Resistance and Existence.

Zoom Meeting ID: 871 6644 4533

Passcode: 2021

Thank you to sponsors CEC Pitzer, IDCLS, The Academic Events Fund / Campus Life Committee at Pitzer, CHLT and FIR programming.