CLS Courses

Intercollegiate Department of Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies at the Claremont Colleges

Associate Professor Summers Sandoval, Director, Pomona CLS Program

Professor Gilda Ochoa, Department Chair, IDCLS

Professors Tinker Salas (PO), Ochoa (PO)
Associate Professors Alcalá (SC)1, González (SC), Soldatenko (PZ), Portillo Villeda (PZ), Summers Sandoval (PO)
Assistant Professors Bacio2, Zimmerman (PO)
Janet Hernández, Academic Coordinator
1On leave fall 2020
2On leave 2020-21.

Courses in Chicanx Latinx Studies

CHLT060 CH - Women in the Third World
CHLT061 CH - Contemporary Issues of Chicanas & Latinas
CHLT068 CH - Rock en Las Americas
CHLT072 CH - Central Americans in the U.S.
CHLT085 PZ - Gender, Radicalism & Revolution: Central American Feminisms
CHLT105 PZ - Undocumented Los Angeles: The Untold Story of Organizing
CHLT110 PZ - Latinx Community Health
CHLT115 CH - Gender, Race and Class: Women of Color in the U.S.
CHLT120 PZ - Immigration from “The Tropics” to the Borderlands:
Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
CHLT153 CH - Rural and Urban Social Movements
CHLT154 CH - Latinas in the Garment Industry
CHLT157 CH - Latina Activists Work and Protest
CHLT160 CH - Queering (Im)Migration: LGBTI & Gender Nonconforming
Migration from Central America
CHLT166 CH - Chicana Feminist Epistemologies
CHST015 CH - Introduction to Chicanx Latinx Studies
• CHST028 CH – Epicentro América: Introduction to Central American Studies
• CHST055 CH - Digitizing our Testimonios: Chicanx-Latinx Documentary
• CHST064 CH - Chicanx Music from Genre to Experience
• CHST066 CH - Fandango as a De-Colonial Tool
• CHST067 CH - Chicanx Art and Its Antecedents
• CHST074 CH - Women Who Rock: The Archive, Pop Music and New Media
• CHST077 CH - Chicana - Latina, Gender, and Popular Culture
• CHST 101 CH – Community Partnerships (CP)
• CHST120 CH - Fronteras/Borders: Methods and Research
• CHST121 CH - Artivistas in the Americas
• CHST125 CH - Latinxs in the 20th Century
• CHST126B CH - Contemporary Chicanx Literature
• CHST128 CH - Latinx Citizenship: Race, Rights and Resistance
• CHST130 CH - (Re)Claiming Voices & Sharing Stories in Chicanx Latinx
• CHST132 CH - Immigrant Youth: Education, Access, and Activism
• CHST136 CH - Chicanx Latinx Social Movements: Identity, Power, and
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• CHST140 CH - Latinx Activism and Struggles for Sanctuary in the San Gabriel
• CHST184D CH - Chicanx Short Fiction
• CHST185B CH - Narratives of U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
• CHST185C CH - Voices of the Tropics: Latina Literature of the Caribbean
• CHST186 CH - Contemporary Chicana Literature Seminar
• CHST190 CH - Chicanx Latinx Studies Senior Seminar
• CHST191 CH - Chicanx Latinx Studies Senior Thesis
• CHST192 CH - Chicanx Latinx Studies Senior Project
• ARHI130 PO - Modern Latin American and Chicanx/Latinx Art
• ARHI131 PO - Border Art: U.S.-Mexico and Beyond
• EA099 PO - Introduction to Urban Health Equity: Uncovering Local and Global
• ECON115 PO - Economics of Immigration
• HIST017 CH - Introduction to Chicanx Latinx History
• HIST025 CH - All Power to the People! Social Movements for Justice
• HIST031 CH - Colonial Latin America
• HIST032 CH - Latin America Since Independence
• HIST034 CH - History of Mexico
• HIST080 PO - Revolutions, Uprisings, Coups, and Interventions in the Americas
since 1910
• HIST101S CH - Latinx Oral Histories (CP)
• HIST101T CH - Latinifornia
• HIST127 CH - American Inequality
• HIST130 CH - Mexico-United States Border: Diaspora, Exiles, and Refugees (CP)
• HIST132 PO - Political Protest and Social Movements in Latin America
• MUS130 SC - Rhythm and the Latina Body Politic
• MUS 131 SC - Mariachi Performance and Culture
• POST107 CH - Latino Politics
• POST118 PZ - The Criminalization of Latinxs & Resistance
• POST174 CH - U.S. Immigration Policy
• POST175 PZ - Immigration & Race in America
• POST198 CH - God in the Barrio
• PSYC084 CH - Psychology of the Chicanx Latinx Experience
• PSYC180N CH - Seminar in Latinx Mental Health
• PSYC189P PO - Seminar in Health and The Latinx Experience
• SOC030 CH - Chicanxs - Latinxs in Contemporary Society
• SOC114 CH - Los Angeles Communities: Transformations, Inequalities and
• SOC 141 CH – Chicanas and Latinas in the U.S.
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• SOC150 CH - Chicanxs - Latinxs and Education
• SPAN065 CH - Spanish for Bilinguals
• SPAN127 CH - Literatura Chicana en Español
• SPAN131 SC - Representations of Queer Lives in Latin America
• SPAN 140 PO – From Borges to “Literatura Lite”: Gender and Genre in Latin
American Literature
• SPAN142 PO - Tropicalizations: Transcultural Representations of Latinidad
• SPAN153 PO - Spanglish in Context: Bilingualism in the United States
• SPAN154 SC - Trans-Caribbean Formations: Translating Identity, Race, and
Gender in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico
• SPAN183 SC - Interculturality and Bilingualism in the Andes
• THEA130 PO - Introduction to Directing (CP)