About Us

The Intercollegiate Department of Chicana/o~Latina/o Studies (IDCLS) connects students to a dynamic field of interdisciplinary study focused on people of Latin American-descent throughout the hemisphere.  We study the historical and present-day experiences of Latinx people, while foregrounding analyses of race and ethnicity; class; culture and identity; gender and sexuality; and citizenship.

IDCLS offers a diverse curriculum that nurtures students' skills of critical analysis, cross-cultural awareness, and humanistic empathy, all rooted to a rigorous program of reading, writing, and research.  As part of IDCLS, you will study history, sociology, politics, literature, art, music, psychology, contemporary issues and Spanish—and you will have opportunities to put your learning into practice through community partnerships and service.

Our major prepares people for life in an increasingly global and diverse world.  It inspires new definitions of self as it provides a critical worldview grounded in contemporary research.  Whether in graduate or law school, education, social work, or medicine, IDCLS students are capable agents of change in the continuing struggle for a more just and humane world.