Thank you, LSU, for the clear statement opposing anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant comments made by student(s). We also condemn such attacks. Thank you too for your timeline and goals for Pitzer College. Please know that the Chicanx Latinx Transnational Studies and Intercollegiate Department of Chicanx Latinx Studies are here as resources and support. Here is our contact information:
and a list of IDCLS current faculty members who teach about injustice, classism, racism, Immigrant rights, Queer rights, and our histories of struggle:
Prof. Gilda Ochoa, chair IDLCS
Prof. Suyapa Portillo Villeda, CHLT/IDCLS (have served as LSU advisor)
Prof. Lani Cupchoy, CHLT/IDCLS
Prof. Rudy Mondragón, CHLT/IDCLS/IGLAS
Prof. Omar Ramirez, CHLT/IDCLS
Prof. Soham Patel, CHLT/IDCLS
Prof. Rita Cano Alcalá, IDCLS
Prof. Lupe Bacio, IDCLS
Prof. Evelyn Boria-Rivera, IDCLS
Prof. David Barillas Chón, IDCLS
Prof. Martha Gonzalez, IDCLS
Prof. David Chávez Méndez, IDCLS
Prof. Miguel Tinker Salas, IDCLS
Prof. Tómas Summers-Sandoval (fall sabbatical)
Prof. Arely Zimmerman, IDCLS (sabbatical)