We are excited to share that Professor David Barillas Chón has just accepted our offer for the Visiting Assistant Professor position at Pomona College in CLS for 2021-2022!

This fall, he will be teaching CHST 128 CH Latinx Citizenship and CHST 136 CH Latinx Social Movements.

About Professor Barillas Chón:

"I am Maya Poqomam, born in Guatemala and raised in Pomona. My migration journeys and Indigenous remembrance shapes my research focus, educational, and political commitments. I investigate issues concerning Indigenous identity, immigration, colonialisms, and race in the contexts of schooling and education. My current focus is on how Indigeneity is reshaped in specific temporal-spatial, labored, and schooling contexts, and how Indigenous migrants shape our understandings of Indigeneity. My research is geared to impact a range of communities working with and for the equitable treatment of Indigenous, migrant, and minoritized populations in and out of education settings."